Caffe Paraiso Original Italian Espresso


Espresso Roasted with Italian traditional craftsmanship using only the highest quality coffee beans!

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Caffe Paraiso Barista Blend Espresso
Caffe Paraiso Espresso Arabica Blend

Our philosophy

Café Paraiso is a dynamic company with a factory in Naples, Italy.

We produce only selected high quality blends.
Today, the factory production process maintains the Italian traditional way of roasting by achieving excellent results without changing the aroma, quality and taste. Each production phase is supervised by specialized personnel. Absolute respect for coffee, the environment in which it is grown and the plantation owners.

Our specialists meticulous select the green coffee beans from the best plantations in selected, Arabica and Robusta varieties.

We are diligent in the search for the best coffee beans.

The quality of coffee, the passion for our work, the support of innovative technologies, the ability and the deep technical knowledge of the field allow us to offer our customers the best value for money. A 5,000 m² factory with a completely innovative space and a production line.


Our blends

Caffe Paraiso Espresso Arabica Blend


A heavier bodied coffee blend that puts a new spin on a classic. It expertly merges the sweet taste of sugar canes with silky chocolate flavors.  We’re always looking for a consistent balance of sugar, and acid combination. You’ll be left with an ultra-smooth mouthfeel sip after sip.

An ideal blend for all day!

Tasting Notes:

Chocolate and Sugar Cane.


Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia.

Caffe Paraiso Barista Blend Espresso


Barista Blend is classically sweet and universally loved. Extra love and care went into developing  this espresso blend, making sure to deliver balance, body and complex sweetness. We strived for a balanced acidity with a full body paired with chocolate aromas and taste. It has an aftertaste that it lasts. Our year-round coffee blend is perfect in any situation, at home, office or cafes.

This blend is ideal for Freddo Espresso due to the perfect balance between Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties.

Tasting Notes:

Rich notes of chocolate.


Brazil, Ethiopia.


Stop by to enjoy our espresso blends in selected coffee shops all over Greece.

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